Tips for using your credit card

credit card

Time passes, but I always hear the same from my friends “the credit card only serves to destroy a person”.
In fact, if we look at reality and statistics we see that all people in debt, 80% or more, have problems with a credit card. However, the remaining 20% ​​get along with the “monster.” How is this possible?

As human beings, we always try to find a culprit for everything, and when we are in debt the credit card is almost always to blame.
Due to the increase in income and, therefore, the purchasing power of some families, this “monster” reached thousands of people. And this is due to a simple reason: the card is a tool to easily get rid of physical money and ensure the payment of possible breaches by people when they buy a product.

The idea is to learn to stay away from the flood of endless debts and bills. Here are four key tips for you to learn how to get the most out of your credit card:


Reserve part of your salary for the card

Reserve part of your salary for the card

Thus, you will always have money to pay the bill that arrives from your card. For example, if you reserve 20% of your income for the monthly charge of the card, you will know that your monthly expenses will not be able to exceed the amount that is left, otherwise you would have to reduce reducing leisure expenses, or others that can be covered The expenses of the month.


Never consume your entire card balance

Never consume your entire card balance

Debts almost always have their card balance as an additional income. That is the worst kind of indebtedness.
You must learn that the credit does not increase your income, only your purchasing power. If that is not clear to you, you better not use your credit card.


Stay up to date with your payments

Stay up to date with your payments

Leaving payment on your card bills at the end is like asking for a gigantic debt to be introduced. If for some reason you did not pay your card debt, reduce other expenses and solve that problem instantly.


Think well before having two cards

credit cards

It is very easy to lose control when you have several cards. If you have two or three cards, remember what I said on the first tip, you must separate an exclusive amount to pay the bills on all those cards. However, always avoid storing cards, unless the benefits are really beneficial.

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