Cash advance online loans -I need a cash advance now

Do your needs require financial support? You’ve come to the right place – we offer Lady Lou Angel cash loan (and for residents of all of Poland) with minimum formalities, flexible loan repayment time regardless of the purpose! Get the details – we encourage you to read our article!

I need a cash advance now

No specific goal – this is one of the advantages of a cash advance from GreenTouch. Whether you spend the money on buying a car, refurbishing an apartment or an exotic vacation depends on you. Neither the bank nor other lending institutions control the manner and purpose of using the funds received.

APRC – don’t be afraid of this shortcut!

APRC – this abbreviation appears in almost all advertisements for banking services and cash loans. Many of our clients ask anxiously about what is hidden under it. We are in a hurry to answer – the APRC is the actual annual interest rate. It reflects the relationship between the total cost of the loan received and the amount of credit granted. Therefore, not only interest costs or preparation fees are included, but also the value of financial flows related to loan repayment.

The perfect borrower according to the bank!

According to the bank, what are the points that an ideal borrower should meet? Most often it is a spouse, without children, with a stable employment contract – for years in the same place. He regularly repaid previous debts.

Different forms of income, minimum formalities

We know that ideas do not exist. We know that every person is different and has a different story – also credit and financial. It doesn’t matter to us where you work and what contract you have signed with your employer. We do not require a dozen or so papers, confirmations or certificates from various sources. Lady Lou Angel cash loan taken through our agency is a guarantee of reducing formalities to the necessary minimum. What does it mean? In many cases (if the customer is in an “exceptional situation”, he will be immediately warned) it is enough to make a statement. Then we do not require documents from the employer, presentation of PITs or account statements. Your signature, your word has power for us – we don’t need confirmation! The nature of the work is also irrelevant to us. We accept various forms of income. Remember – to take a loan in our facility, you do not need to have an indefinite contract. All you need is a contract for a year, an order or even a work.

Cash loan insured!

Are you afraid that in the event of an accident or illness you will not be able to pay back the loan? Don’t you want debts to be burdened by your spouse or children? At your request, we attach insurance for the borrower and his family to the cash loan. The insurance works in case of any random accidents that may make repayment of the loan installment impossible or difficult. At such times, you and your loved ones are safe – the Lady Lou Angel cash loan is repaid from insurance.