Attention! Beware of the new loan fraud

Nobody likes to fall behind in the installments of their credits, but it is the reality of many people when facing emergencies or changes that caused their income to be reduced, and as a result, they were not able to pay the monthly fee of the loan they requested.

Before having the banks or financiers on top

Calling them every day to remind them of their debt, many decide to resort to credit repair calls, entities that promise to help them get out of default. Although there are many companies dedicated to this area and operating under the law, in recent months different cases of scams linked to such organizations have been announced.

Get rid of the debt

The alleged repairers offer to get rid of the debt for a lower amount than normal, asking the interested parties to advance the rate as a guarantee; However, once they receive the cash, time passes and they only disappear. The interested person continues in default and additionally, lost the money he gave as an advance.

If you have fallen into arrears

remember that negotiations must be made directly with the bank or financial institution to which you applied for the loan. The idea is to tell you as soon as possible about the inconvenience you have to make payments and seek to reach an agreement, establishing a new payment schedule. This will be easier if you talk to them before falling behind.

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